What We Do

P3 Consulting is a strategic advisor and consultant to mission-driven leaders and organizations. Leveraging our unique understanding of the intersection of policy and politics, our mission is to partner with clients who want to positively affect public policy – to make things better faster. P3 Consulting understands the importance of our clients’ values and beliefs.

  • We have a particular focus on improving public education and postsecondary education – we are committed to closing the education achievement gap, increasing post-secondary completion, and expanding workforce, economic and community development opportunities.
  • We help our clients by analyzing and interpreting the policy landscape, generating new ideas and innovative solutions, designing new policies and programs, and launching smart political strategies. Our work is driven by the urgency of addressing the crisis in public education and other related public policy challenges.
  • We seek clients who share our belief that committed, hard-working people can make a difference. We seek partnerships that allow us to work on issues about which we are passionate.

Through our hands-on experience and training, we have learned that improving public policy means proposing bold and transformational ideas; grounding debate in evidence-based research; building strong public–private partnerships; recognizing meaningful ways to engage the grassroots community; finding smart ways for philanthropy to impact the public policy discussion; and leveraging the right opportunity at the right time to innovate in the public sector.